Exterior detail

​Prior to the twelve step exterior detail process completed below, we will complete pre detail check of the vehicle and note and inform of any light scratches of heavy contamination that may require a paint correction process. We possess an accurate paint depth monitor and variety of different grade polishes to ensure we achieve the best finish without any risk to your paintwork.

Oyster has trusted local specialists who we can bring in on site if a more significant paint or dent repair is required. 

The Oyster twelve stage exterior detail:

  1. Vehicle is carefully prewashed with a neutral ph cleaner and fallout remover

  2. Cleaning agents are rinsed off vehicle

  3. Paintwork and windows are washed and rinsed by hand using the twin bucket fine filtered system.

  4. Paint and windows are dried with micro fibre towels

  5. Application of high quality gloss polish to paintwork

  6. Windows polished

  7. Application of Carnauba wax or synthetic paint sealant (patron's choice)

  8. Wheels coated with an alloy paint sealant

  9. Tyres dressed

  10. Exterior plastics polished

  11. Chromework polished

  12. Final review and quality check

Oyster uses Meguiar quality products

Interior valet

​Prior to the twelve step interior valet process completed below, we will complete a pre valet check of the vehicle and note and inform of any significant upholstery damage that may need repair. Oyster has trusted local specialists who we can bring in on site for any upholstery and leather repair required.


The luggage comprtment of your vehicle will be fully treated as part of the process:

The Oyster twelve stage interior valet:

  1. Full interior vacuum cleaned. 

  2. Dust extraction of air vents and switch gear.

  3. All fascias and inlays cleaned and polished.

  4. Inside of windows and mirrors cleaned and polished.

  5. ​Seat runners cleaned.

  6. Carpets dry washed and re vacuum cleaned.

  7. Floor matts rinsed, cleaned and treated.

  8. Leather / Cloth seats cleaned (leather also protected).

  9. Headlining dry cleaned.

  10. All trim (sun visors, door cards, seat backs etc.) cleaned and protected.

  11. Door seals treated.

  12. Final review and quality check

Engine dressing

​The Oyster nine stage engine dressing:

  1. Leaves and loose dust blown  / vacuumed from engine bay.

  2. All electrics, alternator, dipstick and loose caps cling wrapped and taped to prevent moisture engress. 

  3. Degreasant applied to any parts, engine bay and engine surround requiring cleaning and manually rinsed and cleaned.

  4. Engine air dried.

  5. All pipework degreased and polished.

  6. Inlets and caps to all fluid bottles cleaned.

  7. Plastic covers cleaned and polished.

  8. Battery terminals cleaned and re greased.

  9. Final review and quality check.