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Exterior Treatments


Stage 1 - Luxury Wash

i) Application of PH neutral fallout remover

ii) Application of PH neutral snow foam

iii) Power rinse.

iv) Twin bucket warm water wash and wax.

v) Power rinse

vi) Warm air drying.

Stage 2 - Decontamination

i) Application of tar, adhesive and wax remover

ii) Warm rinse

iii) Full body clay applied with wax lubricant spray

iv) Soft polish

Stage 3 - Paint correction

i) Vehicle placed onto 4 poster ramp to allow full access to the upper, middle and lower sections.

ii) Full paint assessment under strong LED lighting.

iii) Deep scratch removal where required.

iv) Mild grade machine correction where required.

v) Light grade machine paint correction

Stage 4 - Polish and protection

At this stage the customer has a range of options dependent on requirements.

4a) Machine Wax polish + hand applied synthetic barrier

4b) Hand applied Carnauba wax polish

4c) Matrix Ceramic coating with 3 year guarantee.


Autosmart certificate.jpeg

Engine dressing

​The Oyster nine stage engine dressing:

  1. Leaves and loose dust blown  / vacuumed from engine bay.

  2. All electrics, alternator, dipstick and loose caps cling wrapped and taped to prevent moisture engress. 

  3. Degreasant applied to any parts, engine bay and engine surround requiring cleaning and manually rinsed and cleaned.

  4. Engine air dried.

  5. All pipework degreased and polished.

  6. Inlets and caps to all fluid bottles cleaned.

  7. Plastic covers cleaned and polished.

  8. Battery terminals cleaned and re greased.

  9. Final review and quality check.

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