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Booking in procedure

  1. Please phone at least a week in advance to check if we have space available and to start the booking process. Oyster Car Storage will not take in bookings without a minimum of 24 hours notice in order to complete our Security Checks.

  2. Before arriving at Oyster Car Storage you will be asked to provide the registration number of the vehicle you wish to store.

  3. Your first arrival will be arranged off site where you will be greeted by a member of staff who will then lead you round to the storage centre.

  4. Your vehicle will need to be in a clean condition so that we can accurately complete our pre storage inspection. If necessary we can wash the car on site prior to the inspection.

  5. With the owner present, there will be a full detailed video recording of all exterior panels and inside the vehicle with all details logged and recorded. Should the vehicle arrive by third party transportation then the annotated description will be emailed to the owner who will have 24 hours to raise any concerns.

  6. Unless otherwise prior agreed, all items will need to be removed from the inside of the vehicle. Oyster Car Storage does not take any responsibility for items left inside the vehicle.

  7. Ideally we would like the vehicle to be left with approximately a quarter of a tank of fuel to reduce any potential fire risks.

  8. Owners will need to bring with them photographic identification (driver's licence) and a named utility bill at the given address that is no older than 3 months.

  9. All bookings for less than 3 months will need to be paid in full at the start of the contract. Any longer contracts will need 3 months deposit and a standing order set up for monthly payments thereafter. Please note that all Special Offer 6 month and annual contracts MUST be paid in advance in full.

  10. If you require a lift to a local Railway Station, a member of staff will be happy to oblige.

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