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All vehicles placed into storage at Oyster receive a full maintenance check with their pre storage assessment.

If you plan to keep your vehicle in storage with us for a considerable period of time you may wish to consider purchasing our maintenance programme to ensure that it remains in perfect condition.

The Oyster maintenance programme consists of:

  • Battery kept at optimum level with use of a battery conditioner.

  • Weekly movement of position to adjust pressure points on tyres and wheel bearings.

  • Weekly start up with the engine run up to normal operating temperature and all fluids checked.

  • Fortnightly check of anti freeze.

  • Fortnightly movement around the private site to free movement of bearings, clutch, gearbox, brakes, drivebelts etc. All electrics checked including opening and closing of electric windows, convertible hoods etc to exercise hydarulics and electrical systems.

  • Any issues identified communicated immmediately to the owner.

  • A written report maintained, dated, signed and handed over on collection.

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