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Located in Whistable on the North Kent coast, one mile from the sea and close to a number of saltwater and freshwater marinas, we are right in the middle of a flourishing marine community. As a result we are one of the very few centres that can offer easliy accessible indoor storage for your boat or jetski. We keep our purposely designed storage centre spotlessly clean and well maintained and offer very high levels of security and protection. Indoor boat storage often more than pays for itself through the reduction in servicing costs required in Spring when your boat goes back into the water. 

All boats go through a thorough pre storage assessment to ensure both parties know exactly in what condition the boat / jetski joined us in. This includes a complete video recording and detailed condition receipt.


If required,we can transport your boat for you to a local marine specialist for winter hibernation and / or a start of the season service. The Jetworks service centre for all jet powered boats and jetskis is located in close proximity and can offer a wide range of servicing and repairs.


We have specialists in boat transportation on hand as part of our team and can store any boat that on its trailer is less than 3m high and 3m wide. 

Please do contact us with any questions and we will of course do our best to help.

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